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The “Davos Today” show featuring live interviews with Andrei Kostin of VTB Bank, John Studzinski of Blackstone and a host of business and political leaders discussing the future of banking and regulation and global security.The Russian and Chinese prime ministers called for cooperation not isolation during the global recession at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The next two years will be tough and one way of coming through them in better shape will be to keep investing, said BT CEO Ian Livingston.Despite organisations cutting travel budgets and reigning in spending, it seems the World Economic Forum is still drawing large numbersAt an altitude of fifteen-hundred metres, Davos is a mecca for winter sports and tourism is a major source of income, along with the World Economic Forum. With business and consumer confidence fading, the prospects for the global economy appear the worst in a generation. Amid the gathering gloom, are things really that bad? Reuters asked delegates at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos for their views. “This is the first globally synchronized recession and there are very few places to hide as the forces of recoupling shatter the myth of decoupling: first markets and then real economies have become almost perfectly correlated.


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