carling cup manu Vs Tottenham

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As Tottenham look to defend their Carling Cup trophy against Manchester United, Kelvin Leong focuses on the key areas.

Watch SC’s Carling Cup Preview – Man United

Watch SC’s Carling Cup Preview – Tottenham

The first English domestic silverware is up for grabs this weekend when the Red Devils take on the Lilywhites.

A tight affair can be expected and it will take a little bit of brilliance to unlock the game.

Didier Zokora vs Ryan Giggs

Sir Alex Ferguson will throw in the experienced Giggs to give his youngsters a little stability and direction. It will be up to Zokora to ensure that the Welsh wizard does not have as much time on the ball as he would like. If Giggs is allowed to dictate the pace of the game from the middle, Spurs will be in for a long night.

Jonathan Woodgate vs Carlos Tevez

The hardworking Argentine forward will be a tough customer for Woodgate who must stay vigilant throughout the game. Any lapse in concentration will see Tevez through on goal with only the far from impressive Huerelho Gomes to beat.

The England defender needs to have Tevez infront of him at all times while not staying too close to him.

One quick twist of his body and Tevez’s trickery on the ball will have Woodgate trailing in his wake..

Luka Modric vs Anderson

Anderon has signaled his intention to make the final and if he does so, Modric will be within his patrol.

The Croatian playmaker is starting to get used to the English style of play and his swift passes down the middle will be Tottenham’s most potent attacking option.

The Brazilian midfielder will probably have to man-mark Modric and alter his attacking-minded style of play.


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Tendulkar to join Lara and Warne at Madame Tussauds

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Cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar will be the latest sporting great to be featured at the internationally-renowned Madame Tussauds in London when a new wax figure of the Mumbai-born batsman joins the A-list line up in April.

Tendulkar follows in the famous footsteps of Bollywood greats Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan and will join other cricket legends Brain Lara and Shane Warne to become the very first Indian sports personality to be portrayed, the waxworks museum said in a statement Friday.

The cricketing legend has already had a sitting with the Madame Tussauds studios team who last week travelled to Mumbai to capture a catalogue of reference photographs and hundreds of precise measurements.

The information they collected at the two hour session at the Taj Lands End Hotel will prove invaluable as the sculptors and hair and make up artists get to work on his figure.

“We are delighted to confirm our next Indian superstar is going to be Sachin Tendulkar; his achievements on the cricket pitch are phenomenal and he is one of the biggest names in international sport,” says Liz Edwards, Madame Tussauds PR manager.

“The Bollywood stars we have included over the past ten years have proved enormously popular with Asian guests and film fans from all over the world. We know Sachin will be just as popular for sports fans from home and abroad and are looking forward to introducing the real Sachin to his wax double soon.”

Tendulkar, the Mumbai Indians Captain will be featured in typical celebratory “on the pitch” pose after another century marked in the scorebook.

He will be dressed in his cricket whites which he has donated.

The figure will be created at Madame Tussauds studios in West London at a cost of 150,000 pounds.

The cricket star will join the ranks of sporting greats, including David Beckham, Mohammed Ali, Tiger Woods and Jesse Owens, in Madame Tussauds interactive Sports Zone.

There will also be a cricketing challenge around the introduction of the figure, where guests can test their cricketing skills against the ‘masterblaster’

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Slumdog stars return

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A frenzy of sorts was unleashed at the Sahar International Airport here on Thursday as the child actors of the Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire returned from their lucky streak at the Academy Awards. It was a reception befitting megastars and demigods. A row of two BMWs and a Mercedes-Benz were lined up at the airport and a multitude of paparazzi lurched about along with a sea of curious onlookers. The moment the child stars emerged, they were chased and mobbed for photographs and interviews. Jubilant family members lifted the befuddled and clueless little ones as shutterbugs went into a tizzy. A tired, sleepy Mohammed Azharuddin Ismail, 10, who played the role of youngest Salim, got hauled up on top of a car; so was his father Mohammed Ismail, who could not tell how he got up there. Clad in a bright red T-shirt, the tiny frame of Ayush Mahesh Khedekar, 8, who played the youngest Jamal, was raised above the crowd. He waved and smiled before being put in the car. The family of Tanay Chheda, 13, the middle Jamal, came with a banner welcoming him. Family and friends of Azhar and Rubiana Ali, 8, who starred as youngest Latika, came with a basket of flowers and garlands. Azhar and Rubiana reside in Mumbai’s Garib Nagar slum. A vehicle decorated with flowers was reportedly arranged for them by the families. However, they too were, like the rest of the children and their families, whisked away in the cars. In high spirits At Garib Nagar in Bandra, heightened drama unfolded as Azhar retuned to his shanty. Loudspeakers blared ‘Ringa Ringa’ and ‘Jai Ho.’ Crowds sprawled onto the roads causing nasty traffic jams. Outside Azhar’s makeshift shelter, his uncle Ramzan Sahabuddin Sheikh was shooing away children with a stick in his hand. “We are going to celebrate Azhar’s return. We have got garlands and in the evening we will put up lights and cut a cake.” The Garib Nagar children wore their dream of becoming actors on their sleeves. “If you write about us, will we get roles in movies,” some asked. They looked forward to the party in the evening. At a small building nearby, a jetlagged Azhar looked prepared to take on the barrage of media queries. “Ten people are asking me questions at once. I really wish only one person spoke at a time,” he began. Azharuddin Ismail is cheered by his neighbours. “It was like a dream. I went to Disneyland and clicked pictures with Mickey Mouse. I saw big actors, but I do not know their names. I was very happy there; had a blast. On the plane, everyone asked me for autographs and I told them I will give you, but they kept fighting for being the first to take my autograph,” the little actor twittered. Azhar spoke of his dream of becoming a top actor and said he would be bigger than Amitabh Bachchan. His favourite star is Salman Khan. Egged on by the media, he took off his shirt and bared his ten-year-old torso, for the cameras, in a bid to imitate Salman Khan. He said he would like to work with Katrina Kaif, much to the cheer of the audience. Education first Education will be the priority for the time being, he said. When asked to define Oscar awards, he said, “I know what the Oscars are. These are awards which are given to the very best of films.” Outside the building where Azhar was fielding media queries, eager onlookers and residents, jostled to get in. Near his shanty, his mother, who accompanied him to the U.S., sat with local women. “Allah has finally heard our prayers. We have gone through a lot. I really wish everyone’s life gets better,” she said, noting the gaping difference between the poverty she sees and the world of riches and glamour she has just retuned from. As for what she saw at Los Angeles, she said, “I saw a big bear.” Until late afternoon, Rubiana and her family had not returned home. “A gift for every Indian” PTI reports: “This award is a gift for every Indian,” said Oscar-winning sound engineer Resul Pookutty, as he arrived in Mumbai on Thursday to a rousing welcome along with Slumdog Millionaire actor Irrfan Khan. Pookutty and Khan were garlanded by enthusiastic fans amidst the beating of drums. Overwhelmed by the euphoric scenes outside the international airport, Kerala-born Pookutty, who won the coveted award for sound mixing, said, “I never expected such a grand welcome.” Khan said, “I am lucky to be appreciated for my work.”

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India tops World hunger chart

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India is failing its rural poor with 230 million people being undernourished — the highest for any country in the world. Malnutrition accounts for nearly 50% of child deaths in India as every third adult (aged 15-49 years) is reported to be thin (BMI less than 18.5). According to the latest report on the state of food insecurity in rural India, more than 1.5 million children are at risk of becoming malnourished because of rising global food prices. The report said that while general inflation declined from a 13-year high exceeding 12% in July 2008 to less than 5% by the end of January 2009, the inflation for food articles doubled from 5% to over 11% during the same period. Foodgrain harvest during 2008-09 is estimated to be a record 228 million tonnes. However, the requirement for the national population would exceed 250 million tonnes by 2015. India ranks 94th in the Global Hunger Index of 119 countries, the report said. Brought out by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the report points to some staggering figures. More than 27% of the world’s undernourished population lives in India while 43% of children (under 5 years) in the country are underweight. The figure is among the highest in the world and is much higher than the global average of 25% and also higher than sub-Saharan Africa’s figure of 28%. More than 70% of children (under-5) suffer from anaemia and 80% of them don’t get vitamin supplements. According to the report, the proportion of anaemic children has actually increased by 6% in the past six years with 11 out of 19 states having more than 80% of its children suffering from anaemia. Percentage of women with chronic energy deficiency is stagnant at 40% over six years with the proportion in fact increasing in Assam, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana during the same period. The report said that the ambitious Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) was failing. “Apart from failing to serve the intended goal of reduction of food subsidies, the TPDS also led to greater food insecurity for large sections of the poor and the near-poor. These targeting errors arise due to imperfect information, inexact measurement of household characteristics, corruption and inefficiency,” the report said. It added, “Another problem of the TPDS was the issue of quantity of grain that a household would be entitled to. The TPDS initially restricted the allotments to BPL households to 10 kg per month. For a family of five, this amounts to 2 kg per capita. Using the ICMR recommended norm of 330 grams per day, the requirement per person per month would be 11 kg and that for a family of five would be 55 kg.” The Union Budget of 2001 increased the allotment to 20 kg per month and raised it further to 35 kg in April 2002. The report also questioned the government’s definitions of hunger and poverty. “The fact that calorie deprivation is increasing during a period when the proportion of rural population below the poverty line is claimed to be declining rapidly, highlights the increasing disconnect between official poverty estimates and calorie deprivation,” it said. “Nutrition security involving physical, economic and social access to balanced diet, clean drinking water, sanitation and primary healthcare for every child, woman and man is fundamental to providing all our citizens an opportunity for a healthy and productive life,” said Prof M S Swaminathan. Almost 80% of rural households do not have access to toilets within their premises. The figure exceeds 90% in states like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and MP. The proportion of stunted children (under-5) at 48% is again among the highest in the world. Every second child in the country is stunted, according to the health ministry’s figures. Around 30% of babies in India are born underweight.

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Every passenger who came out of the Chennai airport in the wee hours of Thursday would have been surprised to see a wide awake crowd greeting them with drumbeats and screams. It was a rehearsal to welcome the man whose luggage included two identical statuettes – 13.5 inches tall weighing 8.5 pounds.

When the display screen flashed the arrival of Emirates flight EK-542, the entrance of the arrival hall was besieged. The excitement was just beginning. Around 50 persons, who had bought passes to enter the airport, managed to reach the entrance of the aerobridge. They were the first to catch a glimpse of Kodambakkam’s pride, who summed up his life’s journey on the world stage as: “All my life I had a choice between hate and love. I chose love and I am here.” At a press conference later in the evening, A.R. Rahman explained that this choice was the governing philosophy of his life. “Every decision in my life has been like that.” Especially, in a world divided by religious, caste and regional identities, the message of love seemed appropriate. “My dream is to connect people with music.” He had not expected ‘Jai Ho’ to win; rather, he had no expectations. The approach of not thinking about awards, money and fortune while making music seemed to work for him, he said. Replying to the grouse of some Indian audiences that ‘Jai Ho’ was nowhere near his best work, he said, “Your sensibility found other tracks good,” and Western sensibilities loved Slumdog’s tunes. He said that Slumdog was his “career best” when it came to music for a Hollywood audience. And the lyrics ‘Jai Ho’ had a phonetic appeal that transcended any language barriers. “The song is a release of extraordinary energy.” After an exhausting journey through ups and downs, the movie ends with a “burst of joy” in this song.

As to why some Indian audiences did not think highly of the movie, he said that though he disagreed, people were entitled to their views

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A.R.Rahman tunes

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Even as the nation celebrates the limelight hogged by A.R.Rahman at the Oscars, a group of filmmakers in the industry are on cloud nine. For, these are the people who have signed the Oscar-winner for their impending movies. Gautam Menon, one of the handful to have roped him in, says the award is a recognition for all his works. “Oscar for him is not just for Slumdog Millionaire. The award sums up his extraordinary work in all the movies he has worked in.” Calling himself a “fan of Rahman right from his maiden album,” Gautam says signing him for the Simbu-starrer ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa’ was a dream come true. “I wanted him to score music for my first film. I am glad it has worked out now.” Irrespective of the ‘Oscar’ tag, the music wizard’s albums would always record high sales. “I have an entire collection of Rahman’s albums. I think many Indians would. We are all happy about his Oscars, no doubt. But there is no question of boost in marketability of our album. If it is Rahman, cassettes will anyway sell like hot cakes.” For ‘Endhiran’, the banner is just getting bigger. Directed by Shankar, with Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead, the movie is set to take the masses by storm with its top-slot cast and technology crew including Stan Winston Studio for Animatronics and Yuen Woo Ping, for the stunt sequences. Rahman’s Oscar has now added a great deal to the movie’s grandeur. Actor Rajinikanth’s daughter Soundarya has a reason to cheer, too. ‘Sultan the Warrior,’ the animation movie starring her father jointly produced by her company – Ocher Studio, will now have an Oscar connection, with Rahman handling the background score. “I was ecstatic when I saw Rahman sir win the Oscar. He deserves this and much more. He is a great human being,” she says, adding: “His winning the Oscar will surely add value to all the productions he is involved in and as he said in one of his interviews, his quality will remain the same, no matter which awards come by. I am a great fan [of his] and it is an honour and a blessing for me to be working with him on my directorial debut.”

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Dhoni about the Failure

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M.S. Dhoni, the Indian captain, cited his side’s failure to analyse the situation while batting as the reason for the seven-wicket defeat in the first Twenty20 International here on Wednesday.

“One area we need to improve upon is analysing the situation,” said Dhoni. “I think most of the batsmen batted well and were looking in good nick. But the mistake we committed was that we went with the momentum. At times you have to analyse whether you are happy with the extra 25 runs or get to a total your bowlers can defend.”
“It’s very important to realise where the game is going and what your contribution can be. Whenever you go after the bowlers for big shots there is risk involved. It looks very good but you have to realise what a safe score is on that kind of wicket.”Dhoni, however, stressed that his side would learn from the error.“One thing for sure is we have learnt a lot from our mistakes,” he said. “We are a good side that learns very quickly. ”Dhoni also had praise for his bowlers. “The bowlers did a fantastic job, especially Harbhajan Singh, who played after a long time. Same way, Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma contributed and bowled well.”Pleased Daniel Vettori was understandably chuffed with New Zealand’s day. “There are number of aspects I was pleased with,” said Vettori. “Obviously we were put under immense pressure at the start. The way bowlers responded to it, and the way they restricted a destructive team like India to 160-odd was excellent. And then in the chase, Brendon McCullum was the rock, and Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor and Jacob Oram played around him.”

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Liverpool wins Real Madrid 1-0

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Liverpool took a significant step towards the Champions League quarter-finals with a 1-0 win over Real Madrid.

The Spanish side headed into the last-16 clash as La Liga’s form team but a typically efficient Liverpool performance saw Rafael Benitez’s side return home with a lead – and a vital away goal – to take into the second leg at Anfield.

Yossi Benayoun headed home Fabio Aurelio’s 82nd-minute free-kick to earn a clinical Liverpool victory.

Liverpool also went close through Fernando Torres and Xabi Alonso, who were both denied by fine saves from Iker Casillas, while Madrid’s best effort was an Arjen Robben piledriver that Jose Reina tipped over.

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Service tax exercise duty reduced

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he government on Tuesday announced a reduction of 2 percentage points in the rates of excise duty and service tax, bringing relief to industry and aam aadmi in an atmosphere of economic slowdown. The Central excise duty stands reduced from 10 to 8 per cent while the service tax has been brought down from 12 to 10 per cent from midnight on Tuesday night. The rate of excise duty on goods attracting ad valorem rates of 8 and 4 per cent will remain unchanged.These announcements were made by the External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who holds charge of Finance, during his reply to the discussion on the interim budget 2009-2010. He said the general reduction in excise duty rates by 4 percentage points, from December 7, 2008 would extend beyond March 31, 2009.The rate of excise duty on bulk cement has also been reduced from 10 per cent or Rs. 290 per tonne to 8 per cent or Rs. 230, whichever is higher.
To provide relief to the power sector, naphtha imported for power generation has been fully exempted from basic customs duty. This exemption, already available up to March 31, 2009, is now being extended.
“The government is keen on restoring business confidence in the services sector. It is also our objective that the dispersal between CENVAT rate and the service tax rate is reduced with a view to moving towards the Uniform Goods and Service Tax,” the Minister said.The Lok Sabha later approved the Interim Budget, including the Finance Bill, 2009 and related Appropriation Bills, by voice vote, amidst a walkout by the Opposition National Democratic Alliance and the Left parties. The fiscal sops given to provide stimulus to the slowing down economy will be effective from midnight and will have revenue implications of over Rs. 29,000 crore.

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Valkyrie review

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In director Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie, Tom Cruise plays Claus von Stauffenberg, a veteran colonel of the German campaign in North Africa, who spearheads a group of high-ranking German officers in a plot to assassinate Hitler at his Wolf’s Lair headquarters in 1944. An old-fashioned World War II movie, Valkyrie is one of those rare tales about the German Resistance that addresses the overlooked heroism of officers and soldiers who actively fought Hitler and his regime from within the ranks of power.
The film works well as a suspense thriller although, this being a chapter out of history, you know how the story ends. And hence the intrigue in Valkyrie lies in the execution of the assassination plot. It’s from the point where Stauffenberg gets nearer and nearer to Hitler with his briefcase bomb that the film really takes off. As with the director’s last film, Superman Returns, this one too is admirably directed and technically solid, but there’s an emotional connect that is clearly missing. For one, Tom Cruise’s American accent is jarring, and two, his superstar persona clearly eclipses the German legend.
It’s difficult to appreciate Stauffenberg’s commitment to the mission because it’s never quite Stauffenberg you see on screen, it’s Cruise playing Stauffenberg in a Nazi uniform, an eye-patch and a stump for an arm. For those with a keen interest in history, Valkyrie may prove an engaging watch. But it is really at best an above average thriller with some gripping moments.

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Manu Vs Inter Milan

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Internazionale host reigning European champions Manchester United in the last 16 of the Champions looks at the two great rivals in charge of the clubs.
Sir Alex Ferguson made his mark as a manager at Aberdeen, where he won three league titles and four Scottish Cups as well as the European Cup Winners’ Cup and Super Cup in an eight-year spell.A move to Old Trafford followed where the Scot initially struggled, but he has gone on to win 10 league titles, five FA Cups and two League Cups with another Carling Cup final on Sunday.The Scot has also led the Red Devils to two Champions League titles.In January 2002 Mourinho joined Porto who overcame their poor start to finish third. In Mourinho’s first full season in charge, Porto won the treble of domestic league and cup, and UEFA Cup.Having defended their Portuguese league title, Porto won the 2004 Champions League.Mourinho moved to Chelsea and in his first season guided the Blues to the Premier League and Carling Cup.
Chelsea successfully defended their title in 2006 and in the following season they claimed the FA Cup and Carling Cup but in September he left Stamford Bridge. He never guided the Blues further than the Champions League semi-finals.United are seven points clear at the top of the Premier League and seemingly on the brink of another league title.The Red Devils have not been beaten since they went down to Arsenal in the league on November 8, a run which takes in 27 games in all competitions.
United topped their qualification group and were unbeaten but they never hit the heights, winning two and drawing four of their games.However, since then the Old Trafford side have been relentless, as proficient in grinding out 1-0 wins as entertaining in style.

Inter are at the top of Serie A, nine points ahead of Juventus in second and are unbeaten at home.
They only just qualified for the knockout stage, finishing second one point ahead of Werder Bremen and two behind Panathinaikos.The less-than-flamboyant style Mourinho employs may be bringing results but he has not been universally welcomed by Inter’s fans.
Ferguson has a less than successful record against Mourinho with the Portuguese having lost only once in 10 previous meetings while in charge of Chelsea.Mourinho really came to prominence in England when he raced down the touchline under the steely glare of his United counterpart when Porto knocked the Red Devils out of the Champions League at Old Trafford in 2004.Mourinho found himself in trouble numerous times while in England both with UEFA and the Premier League and the pair are both outpoken.They enjoyed a number of off-field spats. Mourinho was convinced no penalties were given against United at Old Trafford and none for his side, something Ferguson described as a “personal crusade”, and he also believed United were given favourable fixtures after European games.Ferguson reacted furiously when Mourinho described Cristiano Ronaldo as having had a “difficult childhood…no education”.

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Ronaldo urges his teammates to kill

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Cristiano Ronaldo has urged his Manchester United team-mates to play to their instincts and “kill” the opposition.The Red Devils’ wing wizard has also declared that his side will cripple Internazionale at the San Siro, and ensure that Jose Mourinho’s men will exit from the competition in a fortnight.”We have a more experienced team and are the reigning champions,” said Ronaldo. “It’s time to kill or be killed. Whoever loses will exit thecompetition – and we don’t want to lose.””It will be a difficult game but I think Manchester United have a better team,” continued the Portuguese superstar. “They’re a team with very experienced players but we also have our aces and great players.””It will be a good game, a well-contested game, and the better team will triumph,” concluded Ron. “I have won the Champions League and want to repeat that very soon.”The winger also expects to be heavily marked by the reigning Serie A champions in their Champions League second-round, first-leg clash.Sir Alex Ferguson believes that his player have the mettle to stand up to the physical test.”When we came here two years ago and played AC Milan in the semi-final, we saw the immaturity of the boy. But he is a different player now,” said Ferguson. “I want to see maturity from Ronaldo and everyone else because of the atmosphere and the competition.”Sir Alex is hopeful Jonny Evans and John O’Shea can recover from their injuries to start.

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ICC fails to end BCCI and ICL dispute

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The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) bid to end a dispute between the Indian board and the nation’s rebel Twenty20 league ended in failure on Monday. The Indian Cricket League’s (ICL) application to be recognised as unofficial cricket will now go before the ICC board which meets in Dubai in April, the ruling body said in a news release. ICC president David Morgan was disappointed that three-hour talks in Johannesburg proved fruitless.
“I’m grateful to all parties for coming together with the best of intentions and the discussions took place in a friendly and cordial manner but,unfortunately, we were not able to come to a successful conclusion,” he said.The ICL, bankrolled by one of India’s largest media firms, launched the league following India’s triumph in the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup in 2007. It signed overseas players, particularly from Pakistan, New Zealand and Bangladesh. However the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), concerned the league would undermine its position, refused to recognise it and persuaded other national boards to ban players who signed up.

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Liverpool drew with Manchester city

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Liverpool’s title dreams appear all but over after they were held at home by Mark Hughes’ Manchester City at Anfield.

Hughes finally saw his expensive side produce a display of substance after an erratic season, and it did a big favour for his former employers Manchester United.

United will have relished this performance by their neighbours, which could have given the crown to the Old Trafford club.

Liverpool started the game eight points behind the champions, and this one point leaves them a seemingly impossible mountain to climb with just 12 games left.

City took the lead early in the second half through former Liverpool forward Craig Bellamy, which left Liverpool with an increasingly desperate fight on their hands.

Eventually Dirk Kuyt scored his ninth goal of the season to save the club’s 14-month unbeaten home league record, but as Anfield emptied at the end, the muted response of their fans said it all.

Liverpool made four changes from the side that won at Portsmouth last time out.

There was still no Steven Gerrard with his hamstring injury, while Lucas, back from suspension, Fernando Torres, Dirk Kuyt and Albert Riera returned to the starting line-up in place of Ryan Babel, David Ngog, Fabio Aurelio and Daniel Agger.

City made one enforced change from the side that drew 2-2 at FC Copenhagen in the UEFA Cup on Thursday, Nigel de Jong replacing the suspended Shaun Wright-Phillips.

City’s defensive frailties shown in Denmark were far from evident in this Barclays Premier League clash.

Despite being under plenty of early pressure, Shay Given was rarely called into action.

Riera headed wide from an Alvaro Arbeloa cross, under intense pressure from Micah Richards. Then Jamie Carragher’s long ball down the right was touched on by Yossi Benayoun for Torres to fire wide first time.

Kuyt was next away on the right, with Richard Dunne clearing the near post cross from Riera’s toes, while both Lucas and Yossi Benayoun failed to connect with crosses.

The pressure mounted and Kuyt drove wide after being set up by Torres before Richards then chested away a Riera hook in the six-yard box.

City had weathered Liverpool’s early fire and eased their way into the game. They should have scored after 30 minutes when Andrea Dossena lost possession and the ball was switched immediately to Robinho.

The little Brazilian had been very quiet in the early stages, but he jinked inside to lay a pass invitingly into Stephen Ireland’s stride.

The Irishman had a free run at Jose Reina, but the Spanish keeper blocked the first shot, with Ireland firing the rebound into the side netting.

Torres set up Riera and Benayoun, both chances flying wide before Kuyt missed with a far-post header to end a frustrating half for Liverpool.

Four minutes into the second period, City were ahead. Robinho fed the ball into the box for Vincent Kompany to turn it into the path of Craig Bellamy.

And the former Liverpool forward struck a 49th-minute shot from the corner of the penalty area that flicked off Arbeloa, but the effort was clearly on target and flew past Reina into the far corner.

This was the fourth time this season that Bellamy has scored against a former club, having netted for West Ham against Newcastle and Blackburn, and for City also against Newcastle.

Ireland had an effort disallowed for offside, Liverpool leaving gaps now as they went forward looking for an equaliser.

Kompany was booked for a high challenge on Martin Skrtel, with Liverpool having brought on young winger Nabil El Zhar for Riera, with the Moroccan soon booked for a foul on Pablo Zabaleta.

City, who had gradually grown into this game, started to look like a team which has had #120million spent on it in under a year.

They flowed forward, looked fierce and committed, while Liverpool lacked the leadership of Gerrard.

But the Reds responded with fight of their own. After 78 minutes Benayoun got away on the left and drove in a cross that Torres missed in the six-yard box, allowing Kuyt to force home the equaliser.

Kuyt them forced his way past countryman De Jong, and cracked in a fierce 25-yarder that Given beat away. Given’s next save, a close range block from Benayoun, was even better.

But when Benayoun hurled himself at the rebound, the ball looked to hit Dunne’s arm as it deflected away.

Liverpool had Aurelio and Babel on for Dossena and Mascherano by now, a point just not good enough. Kuyt spun to fire across goal and a foot wide.

City then took off Robinho and sent on Felipe Caicedo up front for the final minutes as Liverpool searched in vain for a leveller.

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India in NewZealand

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A game of rugby and some fielding and batting drills comprised the strenuous three-hour workout that the Indian team went through ahead of the series against New Zealand that kicks off with a Twenty20 match on February 25.The visitors practised at the picturesque Bert Sutcliffe ground.Although Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s men are the Twenty20 world champions, they will bear in mind that they had been humbled by 10 runs by the resilient Kiwis during the inaugural championship at Johannesburg last September.Warming up with a game of touch rugby, Dhoni’s men were put through fielding drills by coach Gary Kirsten before they moved to the adjacent ground for a hit at the nets.Kirsten spent some time with Rohit Sharma, urging the youngster to get his front foot in the right place while driving the ball.Time and again, Kirsten walked up to the middle to guide the Mumbaikar with his bio-mechanics before Rohit got his act right in the second session for a knock against Ishant Sharma and Irfan Pathan.
Sachin Tendulkar took to the nets soon after, often walking up to Kirsten and asking him to pitch the ball on a particular spot so that he could lean into his shots. Pace spearhead Zaheer Khan chose to go for a run alongside bowling coach Venkatesh Prasad, much after his team-mates had wound up the nets.
The team arrived here on Friday after a strenuous journey, prolonged by transit layovers at Hong Kong and Auckland.India, who play two Twenty20 matches, a five-ODI series followed by three Tests during the tour, have not won a Test series in New Zealand for the past 41 years.

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Zaheer Khan says about Greg Chappel

February 21, 2009 at 4:36 am (cricket) (, , , , , )

zaheerTeam India’s pace spearhead Zaheer Khan said that the team had a difficult time under former coach Greg Chappell.Zaheer also said he had no idea why he was dropped after the 2005 series against Pakistan.The speedster also said he didn’t have much idea about what transpired in the dressing room when Chappell held the coaching reins but things were not easy then.”Most of the times, I was not part of the team and whatever chances I had, I tried to give my best. It was, in a way, a difficult time,” Zaheer.”I didn’t know why I was out of the team. In 2004, it was mostly due to injuries and in 2005, it was the time when the Greg Chappell time started,” Zaheer said.

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Sachin on people saying him GOD

February 20, 2009 at 4:37 am (cricket) (, , , , )


He doesn’t receive letters written in blood any more, but Sachin Tendulkar says that he does not feel comfortable when a fan touches his feet and tells him he is God. Tendulkar, whose achievements with the bat have won him fans worldwide, says the adulation never ceases to surprise him. “I used to receive letters written in blood…but not any more. It feels strange when a fan comes and touches your feet and says you are God. I don’t feel comfortable with it, but it is the way they feel about you…that happened again just a couple of weeks ago actually,” he says. In a light-hearted interview published in celebrity magazine ‘OK!’, Tendulkar spoke about his love for Ferrari cars, his post-retirement plans and how he handles criticism. Tendulkar said retirement thoughts were far away from his mind at the moment but he may start a business when he stopsplayingcompetitive cricket. “That’s a big question. I don’t know…I will definitely be involved with the game. When I retire, that is when the doors to other opportunities will open. As of now, other than just promoting various products, I haven’t opened the door to anything else. Maybe I’ll start a business,” he said. “I don’t know when that would be yet, but that will be the time I will focus my energy in different directions. Right now it’s only focussed in one direction — that is cricket,” Tendulkar said. Asked when was the last time he received some constructive criticism, the batting maestro said, “criticism is hardly ever constructive. I try and stay away from newspapers when I am playing. You get to read so many things that are not constructive, but somehow the guy who is writing it all seems to think that it’s constructive.” Tendulkar said his celebrity status has helped him wriggle out of situations that would be difficult to handle for a commoner. “There’s one time that I remember clearly…we were in Australia playing some exhibition games — it was around 1994. I was out with two other players and when we got back to the hotel, the rest of the team had already left for the airport. They had packed my bags and gone and there were no mobiles or anything. We had no way of reaching them,” he recalled. “We were to fly from Sydney to Melbourne — we had no tickets, no passports, nothing. I got to the counter at the airport and explained the situation. The guy at the counter recognised me and he gave us three boarding passes from Sydney to Melbourne…without passports, without tickets. I felt that I was truly special,” he said. Asked when was the last time he spent an entire day without watching any sport, the 35-year-old batsman replied, “On December 31 last year. I spent time with my family in Mussoorie about 7,000 feet above sea level looking at the snow-capped mountains. It was freezing and we went for a long walk. I was a fantastic feeling. That was the day when I didn’t watch sports at all.” On the one moment he felt proud of, Tendulkar said, “I was truly proud of our performance during the Chennai Test. We won against England on the last day.” Asked about the most recent prank he had played on a teammate, Tendulkar said, “I am always doing that…a while ago, we had gone to a restaurant and we actually fooled Yuvraj Singh. We put wasabi on a toast and told him it was a delicious spread that he must try. He almost ate it. We stopped him at the last minute. “Probably the last innings I batted in Mohali. I felt that I shouldn’t have played that shot. I got out on it. (Smiles) That’s what I feel every time I get out,” he said when asked about the last time he did something which he wished he hadn’t.

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Pavan Kalyan Marries

February 19, 2009 at 3:37 am (cinema) (, , , )


Actor and Praja Rajyam party leader Pavan Kalyan on Wednesday finally tied the knot with his live-in partner and former actress Renu Desai. The marriage, Pavan’s second, took place at the actor’s house in Jubilee Hills in the presence of a few family members and film personalities. Pavan is the youngest brother of actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi and president of Praja Rajyam’s youth wing. Chiranjeevi, who floated Praja Rajyam last year, his brother Nagababu, and other family members attended the marriage performed as per Hindu customs. With elections fast approaching, Pavan Kalyan’s marriage to Renu seems to be a move to blunt the criticism by rival political parties. The actor was criticised by leaders of different parties for living with a woman without marrying her. The couple also has a five-year-old son. Sources close to the family said Pavan could not marry Renu till now due to legal hassles, as he was already married to Nandini. The differences with Nandini’s finally led to divorce last year. The 38-year-old had married Nandini before launching his film career in 1996. Nandini had filed a case of bigamy against Pavan, alleging that he had married another woman without divorcing her. A court in Visakhapatnam, however, dismissed the bigamy case due to lack of evidence. Renu had also told the court that they were not married. Pavan later initiated divorce proceedings and struck an out-of-court settlement with Nandini in August last year by reportedly paying her Rs 50 million.

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Dollar dreams turned down

February 19, 2009 at 2:38 am (news) (, )

In a state like ours, where every family could boast of at least one member studying in the US, UK or Australia, recession has changed everything. The situation is grim for many city students who are pursuing their MS, MBA or PHD abroad and are finding it difficult to find work there. Their dollar dreams have turned sour with many even unable to bag odd jobs to pay off their tuition fees. Moreover, with no promise of a job back home in India, these students are feeling stranded. Lured by the “one-year work permit,” many students started applying for overseas education. But for most who haven’t found a job, even with that one year coming to an end, the future looks bleak. K. Phaninder, a student studying his MS Biotechnology at New Mexico State University, says, “There are no jobs here. If we don’t manage to get placed within a year after graduation, we will be forced to come back to India. After spending a fortune and taking a loan to support my course fees, it hurts to come back. Even if I do get a job in India, it’ll take forever for me to repay the loan.” Hyderabadi students in the UK too have the same sorry tale to tell with a new rule being introduced. Unlike before, where students could stay back for a year to find a job, students are now being asked to go back to their homeland, apply for a work visa from there. Only if they do manage to get a job, they are allowed to come back. This rule has made it all the more difficult for Indian students, who have to wait for months before they even hear a word from prospective employers. “There is a shortage of jobs in the UK and most of my seniors are still unemployed,” exclaims Abhilash David, a student from the city pursuing his Masters in Cardiff University, UK. “Some are even forced to take up door to door marketing. Most students who have completed their MBA this year still don’t have permanent, professional jobs. They are surviving with jobs in restaurants or departmental stores,” he adds. Australia, which emerged as the hottest educational destination, has gotten stricter than ever. With locals themselves struggling for jobs, the government has made it mandatory for overseas students to return to their home countries and apply for jobs. “It has been six months since I finished my course and I am still looking for a job. Students who will pass out this year will have to go back to India. Fortunately, the old rule applies for my batch,” says Sreelekha P., who finished her masters from NSWU, Sydney. Consultancies in the city too have a word of caution for students who want to study abroad. Kaval Preet Singh, executive director of Vings Consultancy says, “We explain the situation in US and UK to the students clearly before they apply. We tell them not to have too many expectations in the current situation. Only after we have given them the necessary statutory warning and brief them about new rules, we continue with the application processes.” Many consultancies are trying to stem down the tide of rising panic. “We tell students that this grim situation will not remain the same for long. As there aren’t many jobs here in India too, it makes sense for them to earn a masters degree which will make them more employable and come back,” says V. Balakrishna from Ace Consultancy

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Salma Hayek weds

February 18, 2009 at 6:30 am (cinema) (, )


Mexican actress Salma Hayek has married on-off fiance Francois-Henri Pinaul in a surprise ceremony in Paris on Valentine’s Day.

The Mexican actress, 42, and the French billionaire, 46, married in the City Hall in the St. Germain area of the French capital Saturday, reports

The decision to wed on Valentine’s Day also has a special meaning for the couple, as their 17-month-old daughter is named Valentina.

News of their marriage comes as a surprise after they publicly announced the end of their engagement last July.

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Delhi 6 songs download

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Billu Barber review

February 16, 2009 at 4:28 am (cinema) (, , , , , , )

Priyadarshan decides to make (rather remake) another film. Perhaps his criterion for remake depends more on the ease of adaptability, over appeal in the original source. That leads to bland attempts like Billu . Irrfan Khan is given the onus to act while Shah Rukh uses the attempt as a testimonial to himself. The curvaceous profiles of Deepika, Priyanka and Kareena are supposed to make up for the flatness of the plotline. Billu (Irrfan Khan) finds it difficult to make ends meet by working as a barber (oops, is that a derogatory term? At least the multiple mute punches in the film imply so). He doesn’t earn enough to pay his children’s school fees or ensure daily bread for the family. He has less customers and more cash-crisis. Abruptly enters Sahir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), a Bollywood superstar who shoots for item songs while his film’s script is still being randomly written. The script is supposedly futuristic in genre but Sahir strangely insists on shooting it in a village. The unit ends up in Billu’s backyards. Word spreads that Billu and Sahir were childhood friends following which the star-struck village lends liberal support to the poverty-stricken barber. Everyone from the village moneylender (Om Puri) to the school principal (Rasika Joshi) wants to have a glimpse of Sahir Khan through Billu. But Billu is too hesitant to approach Sahir due to the vast difference in their social status. Priyadarshan and Mushtaq Sheikh take credits for the screenplay, though ironically they only snip out scenes from the original Malayalam film Katha Parayumpol . The retained portions are a frame-to-frame replica of the original film with no novelty. Nevertheless the storyline of the primary source in itself is one-dimensional throughout and only stressed and stretched on the barber’s starry influence with no twists or turns whatsoever. One doesn’t expect the sensitivity of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Guddi with the film-inside-film setting. But the story is neither intricately woven around the film industry like in the recent Luck By Chance nor is the format entertainingly-exploited like in Shah Rukh’s own Om Shanti Om . All that the Bollywood backdrop does is make way for some superfluous item numbers or formulaic action sequences, unconnected to the core plot. There are those regular glitches galore – like the village belle Lara Dutta is always decked up with eyeliners and lip-gloss though there’s no food for the family. The scenes shot in Sahir’s film hardly need a village setting. It’s never explained how the villagers know of Billu and Sahir’s friendship when Billu never makes it public. And perhaps the term barber and hajam sound offensive only when sung, since they are muted in songs but oddly retained in dialogues. What’s the logic? You don’t ask that question in a Priyadarshan film, even if it’s not his fault. The director continues his brand of loud comedy though Manisha Korde’s figurative dialogues come to rescue at some instances. Finally the film attempts to reconcile its patchy plot with an emotionally driven climax but it only turns out to be an end of too much coincidence and convenience. However the culmination could still work for all those who get touched by the likes of Shah Rukh’s emotive outburst in Mohabbatien . The friendship between Billu and Sahir is never established throughout the film and only surfaces in the last scene. Some flashback account of their childhood companionship could have helped. Sadly after all this, the film doesn’t even end on a moral tone, though it had ample scope for it. Irrfan Khan is aptly cast in the role of Billu and carries off his character effortlessly. But we have seen him play such roles so often that there remains no uniqueness in his act. Shah Rukh Khan has to just play himself which brings no challenge to his character. The onscreen and offscreen mass hysteria of his Southern prototypes, like Rajnikanth in Kuselan , is so colossal that SRK comes nowhere close in making his character ‘hero’ic. Rajpal Yadav, Om Puri and Asrani are so common to Priyadarshan films that it becomes difficult to differentiate them from their earlier works. Reportedly, Priyadarshan plans to attempt a horror film next but the hair-raising effect has already started. That’s because you would rather want to skip visiting Billu barber’s parlour. This one’s certainly not worth letting your hair down.

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NewZealand tour

February 15, 2009 at 6:45 am (cricket, sports) (, , , )

Sachin Tendulkar feels the tour to New Zealand will be a ‘challenge’. Speaking at a product launch here, Tendulkar said playing New Zealand in New Zealand was a tough proposition.

“It is a challenge playing New Zealand in New Zealand. You are not just playing against the opposition but are also playing against the conditions,” Tendulkar said.

“In Wellington, a bowler bowling at 130 kmph can bowl at 135 kmph from one end with the breeze behind him. The same bowler, bowling from the other end, can suddenly bowl five kms slower when bowling against the wind.

“The breeze also affects the batsmen. He cannot keep his eyes open for too long. It is going to be a challenge for those who have not been there before,” Tendulkar added.

“Having said that, we have been playing good cricket and hope to continue the same in New Zealand.” Tendulkar felt that despite many of the Indian players playing in New Zealand for the first time, it would not have an negative impact.
“We have experience and youth, the combination is good and lends balance to the side. There are senior players and coaches to guide the first-timers.”

‘Referrals not convincing’
Tendulkar said he was not in favour of the TV referral system. “I did not particularly like the system. There is an element of uncertainty.” The 35-year-old said he preferred the hot spot system (in which the spot where the ball hits the bat or pad is shown).

“Lbw decisions on referrals are not convincing. Through Hawk Eye, which gave you the 22-yard view, you were convinced that the ball was going to hit the wicket, but on referrals, you are not sure whether the ball is going on to hit the wicket or not. Referrals are not convincing enough.”

‘No more T20 internationals’
The only T20 cricket Tendulkar will play now is in the IPL for Team Mumbai. “I took the decision not to play T20 internationals after the England tour in 2007 when I felt my body was tired and needed rest.

“I did not want to go and not give my best. After that, the team settled down and I did not want to disturb the combination. I will not play T20 internationals anymore,” Tendulkar said. “I felt my body was tired and needed rest. I didn’t want to go out and not give my best.

The team is now settled and I do not want to disturb the combination,” he added. “As far as the IPL is concerned, I have been with Mumbai from the beginning, so there is some continuity there.”

Tendulkar will miss the two T20s against New Zealand but will travel with the team in the early hours of February 19 to get acclimatised to the conditions for the ODIs starting on March 3. On the poor decisions he was at the receiving end of in the ODIs in Sri Lanka, Tendulkar said: “It was disappointing. You want everything to go going well for you but sometime that doesn’t happen. “On a long route, there are both red and green signals. You want only the green signals to come your way so you can keep going on and on.”

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Sania in finals

February 15, 2009 at 6:42 am (sports) (, , , )

Sania Mirza  will have to beat world number five and top seed Russian Vera Zvonareva  to claim the second WTA singles title of her career as the two players set up the summit clash in the USD 220,00 Pattaya Open on Saturday. Sania edged past world number 51 Magdalena Rybarikova in the first semi-final 6-4, 5-7, 6-1 today while Zvonareva beat Shahar Peer of Israel 6-1, 6-4 in the other last-four clash. The unseeded Indian, ranked 126th in WTA charts, faced a tough challenge from her eighth seeded Slovakian opponent but eventually came out triumphant in a two-hour long contest. The last time Sania reached the singles final of a WTA event was in 2007 in the Stanford classic. This is the fourth time in her career that Sania has reached the singles final of a WTA tour event. She had become the first Indian player to win a WTA title when she won the Hyderabad Open in 2005. In the same year, she had reached the final of the Forest Hill event in United States. Sania could have finished her semi-final against Rybarikova in the second set when she was serving for the match at 5-4 but dropped her serve, allowing the issue to be stretched to the third set. “I missed a couple of easy points and lost the second set. It happens,” Sania said after the match. About the final against Beijing  Olympics  bronze medallist Zvonareva, Sania said, “I’m not going to think about who I’m playing in the final, I just want to play my game,” she said. Sania broke Rybarikova in the fourth game of the deciding third set to give herself a 3-1 lead. She converted first of the three breakpoints, which she earned after the Slovakian double faulted. Sania consolidated the lead after holding her serve in the next game before breaking Rybarikova to make it 5-1. The Indian then served out the match, converting her third match point.

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Chennai marathon

February 15, 2009 at 6:37 am (Weekend's) (, )

The Chennai Marathon took place on Sunday morning with over 17,000 people participating.

The seventh edition of the marathon, being organised by the Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu, began at 0600 hrs IST at Anna Square.

The marathon follows the following route: Anna Square – Labour Statue – Gandhi Statue – Foreshore Estate – Greenways Point – Malar Hospital – Besant Avenue – 4th Main Road – Vellankanni Church and back.

Called ‘Run For Chennai’, the marathon carries a prize money of Rs 6.75 lakh. While the winners will get Rs 5 lakh, the second prize is Rs 1 lakh and the third is Rs 50,000. There is also a caonsolation prize of Rs 1,000 for 25 runners.

The events include a 42.2 km full marathon, a half marathon of 22.2 km and a mini marathon which will be for 10 km

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Enthiran Photos

February 14, 2009 at 3:38 am (Uncategorized)





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Billu Barber movie download

February 14, 2009 at 3:32 am (cinema) (, , , , , , , )

ff08a71c551ae08d726a0eDownload the film directly.This is not a torrent file just click download and you can view the film in just hours.Enjoy the movie


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LTTE suicide bomber kills 23 in Sri Lanka

February 10, 2009 at 4:24 am (news) (, , )

At least 23 people were killed when a suspected Tamil Tiger suicide bomber Monday exploded herself among civilians fleeing Sri Lanka’s war zone, the authorities said.

The Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) said the woman bomber detonated herself amid frightened civilians entering the areas held by the army in the northern district of Mullaitivu.

Military officials said the bomber belonged to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), whose guerrillas are now holed up in an area measuring less than 200 sq km by the Sri Lankan military.

The MCNS statement said the suicide bomber ‘blew herself at an IDP (Internally Displaced People) rescue centre’ north of Vishwamadhu around 11.30 a.m.

It said 15 soldiers and eight civilians were killed in the devastating blast. At least 24 soldiers and 40 civilians were also injured.

Most of the civilian dead were women and children. Three of the soldiers who died were women.

Military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara said women soldiers were screening female civilians when the suicide bomber exploded herself.

The horrific bombing drew condemnation from both the United Nations and the US.

‘The UN reiterates that civilians must be distinguished from combatants and protected from the fighting,’ it said in a statement. ‘It calls again on the LTTE to separate its forces from civilians under its control.’

A statement from the US embassy described the bombing as an ‘apparent effort by the LTTE to discourage Tamils from leaving the conflict area’.

It urged the LTTE to allow all civilians freedom of movement.

A former military nerve centre of the LTTE, Mullaitivu town, located some 350 km northeast of Colombo, was captured by the military last month after months of fierce fighting.

Vishwamadhu and the adjoining Suthanthirapuram areas are on the east of the A-35 road that links Paranthan and Mullaitivu towns.

Nanayakkara said the wounded civilians were rushed to army medical centres before being transferred to hospitals in Vavuniya and Anuradhapura towns.

The air force brought at least 35 injured people to Anuradhapura. Fifteen of the injured were children.

‘This is yet another desperate attempt by the LTTE to prevent thousands of displaced civilians from fleeing the areas controlled by them and enter the government-held areas,’ Nanayakkara said.

The suicide attack came at a time when pro-LTTE websites allege that scores of civilians were killed in the rapidly shrinking LTTE areas due to shelling and aerial attacks.

The military says the Tamil Tigers are holding thousands of civilians as human shield in a desperate bid to prevent a final assault on their jungle hideouts.

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Chelsea sacks Scholari

February 10, 2009 at 4:21 am (sports) (, , , , )

Luize Philip Scholari has been sacked by the Chelsea team after their team dint improve in the league.Chelsea is now at the 4 place, the portugal manager was hyped when he joined the team but failed to prove results.Now the team is searching for a permanent manager,Teams asst manager has taken incharge.

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MLA daughter Kidnapped

February 7, 2009 at 4:40 am (news) (, , )

In yet another shocking incident in Mangalore, Sri Ram Sene activists on Friday allegedly abducted the daughter of a Kerala MLA and her male friend because both belonged to different religion but were talking and travelling together in a public bus. According to reports Sene activists allegedly barged into the bus and picked up the girl, Shruti, and the boy and took them away in an autorickshaw. Shruti said Ram Sene activists were angered by the fact that her companion was a Muslim. However, both of them were set free after a few hours. Her father and Kerala MLA CH Kunhambu he suspected Ram Sene to be behind the abduction. “I strongly believe that Sri Ram Sene and Bajrang Dal activists were behind this incident. The boy was from a different community. They were going back to their college after vacations. I have filed complaints with the police,” he said. “The incident happened in the afternoon. I believe that the driver and conductor of the bus are involved in the incident. They contacted these gundas (anti-socials) to attack. She was forcibly taken away in an auto,” he added. Karnataka Western Range Inspector General AM Prasad said Shruti was returning from her native place when the incident happened. She was reportedly taken in an autorickshaw, but was released soon after. Her male friend was also released later and both are said to be safe. Mangalore Superintendent of Police N Sathish Kumar told that a police team has gone to Shruti’s local guardians’ house in Mangalore for recording of statement. Shruti and her friend are students of second year pre-university course at the St Alosyius College in the city. The boy has been identified as Shabib and is the brother of Shruti’s classmate. Sri Ram Sene has been in news after storming a pub in Mangalore on January 24 and beating up young women present there.

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Manchester United tops

February 7, 2009 at 4:32 am (sports) (, , , , )

United have the opportunity to claim an unprecedented quintuple this term with the team well poised in all competitions.

The Red Devils have already secured the World Club Cup in December and face Tottenham in the final of the Carling Cup on March 1st.

Ferguson’s side top the table in the Premier League and are currently in the last 16 of the Uefa Champions League and FA Cup.

Although the Scot believes that such a feat is unlikely he admits the thought has crossed his mind.

“You would need the luck and you would need to keep all your players fit,” he told Sirius radio.

“If we keep everyone fit then yes, we’d have a chance. When you’re in a competition, you’ve got to try to win it and, as long as you’re still in that competition, you’ve got a chance.

“What we have done well recently is that we’ve had a lot of injuries but the squad has compensated and whatever team I have picked the players have just got on with it.

“But realistically I don’t see it.”

United’s chances of success this term have been given a boost with striker Wayne Rooney set to return from a hamstring injury for Sunday’s clash at West Ham,

The Red Devils’ attack is enhanced further with the return to form of World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese ace’s recent form of four goals in as many games ended a run of 11 games without a goal in all competitions.

“He’ll start to flourish now,” Ferguson said.

“You know what goalscorers are like, when they’re not scoring they’re a bit grumpy and when they are scoring they are the happiest people in the world.”

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IPL Auctions

February 6, 2009 at 12:59 pm (cricket) (, , , , , )

The auctions for the second ipl season was completed at Goa.All the franchise owners were present and all threw their auction amounts as soon as the name of the players were announced.First hot player was KP who was showed intrest by banglore royals,he was sold to banglore with the highest money of 7.35 crore,the second to go was Flintoff he too was sold at a price of 7.35 crore to Chennai super kings.These two players r said to be the highest in according to the money in IPL.The next move was Jean Paul Duminy he was sold to Mumbai Indians,intresting move was Mortaza he was picked by king Khan whose price was 12 times the base price.Dwayne smith went to Mumbai Indians.On the absence of Sohail Tanvir the champions too Shaun Tait,he was price 4.35 crore to Rajasthan Royals

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Mumbai regret kissing in public

February 6, 2009 at 12:00 pm (news) (, , )

Worried globalisation is corrupting the minds of the youth? Well, don’t be. This week the Supreme Court set a precedent after ruling that a married couple kissing in public did not amount to “obscenity”, but Mumbai’s GenNext are horrified.

They say kissing in public is against Indian culture, offensive to elders and an imported western custom that should be banned. At Mithibai College in suburban Vile Parle, Priyanka Patil (16), a first year student at NM College, from Kandivli, said kissing in public could corrupt the minds of young people, while Sonali Shah (18), a student from Borivli, said it would hurt the sentiments of elders.

Esha Shah (18), a student at the Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering, from Goregaon, said it was “western culture”. “We want to keep Indian culture.

We don’t want to be western.” Sitting on the steps outside Fun Republic, a multiplex in suburban Andheri, Class XI Hemangini Deshmukh (16), said: “Its against sanskar (the right way to live) to kiss in public.

I would not like to see anyone doing it.” His friend Keyur Buddhdev (17), also from Andheri, said: “You have to show respect to older people.

” Sohit Sarkar (25), a creative head in a TV company, added: “It will take time for India to digest this thing.” The older business crowd was also appalled.

“We want to save Indian culture. This is what westerners do,” said Kirtishwar Kishore (29) a marketing professional from Chembur.

“The most important aspect of Indian culture is giving respect to elders.” But the youth agreed it should not be a criminal offence.

However, there was also the odd detractor. “I think kissing in public is fine.

It is against Indian culture but I don’t mind,” said Prerna Singh (15), a student from Sathaye College, who lives in Andheri. “I kiss my girlfriend in public,” said Rahul Pandey (18), a first year BSc student at Mithibai College, also from Andheri.

“And I’ve never been arrested. I kiss her in the middle of the street.

Obviously you should not go further than a kiss.” However they were in the minority.

The one thing students were unified on: they did not want to see Valentine’s Day banned. Avani Jain (16), of NM College, who lives in Andheri, said: “Valentine’s Day is about the people you love – your friends and family.

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Pietersen highest paid player in IPL

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February 6 the second auction starts at Goa. While most teams already have the core of the squad in place the players available this time can provide them just that extra edge.Some people say that IPl is the most thrilling event next to the India’s victory at lords in 1983.The second auction isn’t expected to be quite as exciting but promises its own share of thrills.Former England captain Kevin Pietersen will be the big star at the auction. His base price of $1.35 million or about Rs 8 crore stands to make him the second most expensive player in the IPL after MS Dhoni. Pietersen is likely to be snapped up by the Bangalore Royal Challengers who are desperate to overturn their disastrous campaign from last year.The other star attractions will be Andrew Flintoff and Michael Clarke. Both are expected to fetch in the range of $1 million each. According to sources Flintoff is headed for the Chennai Super Kings while the Rajasthan Royals and the Deccan Chargers will battle it out for Clarke.

South Africa’s rising star Jean-Paul Duminy is another player who has attracted a lot of interest from the franchises and he too could fetch a substantial price at the auction.While five Pakistan players have been put up for auction including leg spinner Danish Kaneria, there is still no certainty about them being available given the current political climate.All 111 players may be available according to the list released by the IPL, but only 10 per cent of these will make the final cut. Under IPL rules each franchise can only have 10 foreign players and most teams have eight or more already signed up. Also teams can only spend $2 million at this year’s auction unlike the $5 million they were allowed last year.

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Chelsea signs Quaresma

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Quaresma, nicknamed ‘Mustang’ forfor his speed and power, will be the sixth Portuguese player in Luiz Felipe Scolari’s first-team squad.His arrival will help to compensate for the loss of injured England midfielder Joe Cole who is out for the rest of the season with knee ligament damage.The 25-year-old can play on either flank and began his career with local club Sporting Lisbon.

He soon worked his way into the first team and became a regular during the championship-winning 2001/02 season alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, now with Manchester United.Quaresma made 59 league appearances in two seasons before joining Barcelona but his time at the Nou Camp was hampered by injury.He returned to Portugal with Porto and his form helped the club to seal a succession of league triumphs.Quaresma was one of Jose Mourinho’s first signings for Inter but now he has the opportunity to rekindle his relationship with Scolari.The Brazilian knows the winger well from his time as Portugal manager. He selected the winger for Euro 2008, where Quaresma scored the most recent of his three international goals, in a 3-1 win over Petr Cech’s Czech Republic side.

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Victory review

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LAGAAN and IQBAL are landmark films on cricket. The response to LAGAAN specifically was so electrifying [and emotional] that theatres turned into stadiums during the penultimate cricket match in the film.

VICTORY traverses a different route altogether: This one revolves around a cricketer, talks of the highs and lows in his life, how greed, arrogance and lust almost ruin his career, but how he regains his lost form and becomes a hero all over again.

The difference also lies in the fact that the sportsmen in the film aren’t actors, pretending to be cricketers, but real-life cricketers. And that makes the goings-on identifiable.

VICTORY may not be a true-life account of any one person, but you can’t help but draw parallels with people who led a wild life off the field. Also, any sports-based film works if it arouses the right emotions and VICTORY does so towards the final moments. But there’s a hitch. The film could’ve done with a shorter running time [instead of approx. 2.35 hours] and a tight script. More on that later!

Final words? A few interesting moments don’t really help. This one tries to hit a boundary, but ends up taking a single.

VICTORY tells the story of Vijay Shekhawat [Harman Baweja], who hails from Jaisalmer. Soon, he becomes India’s latest world-class batting sensation and is catapulted to superstardom.

However, the glam and glitter makes the young, vulnerable Vijay stray from his true vocation of cricket. Unfortunately, this leads to a loss of focus and to a miserable drop in his performance. But by the time Vijay realizes his mistake, he finds himself thrown out of the Indian cricket team. Suddenly, the hero becomes a villain in everyone’s eyes. His father [Anupam Kher] suffers a paralytic stroke.

This tragedy awakens Vijay’s conscience. He wants to redeem himself in the eyes of his father and every Indian. Against great odds, he once again makes it back to the Indian team and gets to play in the finals of the Champion’s Trophy against Australia, where he plays a stellar role in enabling India to win the Trophy.

Ajitpal Mangat chooses a difficult subject for his directorial debut. Placing immense trust on a newcomer [Hurman] and casting real-life characters could be tough and demanding, besides being expensive [cricketers’ fees and paying for the various stadiums]. But Ajitpal achieves the required results.

The initial moments are very mediocre, but the pace picks up when Harman goes astray, when he can’t digest success, when he falls into wrong hands [Gulshan Grover]. The graph is erratic; sometime interesting, at times boring. However, what rescues the film from failing are the penultimate moments, especially the one when Hurman faces the final ball.

On the flip side, the writing isn’t convincing at several points. The first 30 minutes of the enterprise makes you break into a yawn, frankly. Also, the film is stretched in the second hour for no reason and could’ve done with some tight editing. The songs in this hour are a big deterrent.

Ajitpal Mangat makes a confident debut as a director, but VICTORY would’ve made a stronger impact if the writing [screenplay: Ajitpal Mangat, Kannan Iyer] would’ve been watertight. Anu Malik’s music is listless. Barring ‘Balla Utha’ and ‘Money Money’, the remaining songs are of the fast-forward type. Cinematography is excellent.

Hurman S. Baweja displays the required confidence. He gets the body language right, looks dapper when required and conveys the required emotions well. Only thing, he needs to control his expressions at times. Amrita Rao does very well, although this isn’t her film actually. Anupam Kher gets it right yet again, especially towards the second hour when he suffers a paralytic stroke. Gulshan Grover is very effective.

On the whole, VICTORY is a strictly average fare. Barring a few moments in the second hour, there’s not much that you carry home.

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Bramhi creates history

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A decade ago, when he picked a racquet for the first time at the Siri Fort Sports Complex, little did he know one day he would be standing in the middle of the Rod Laver Arena, holding aloft the junior boys crown at the Australian Open. Yuki Bhambri didn’t know he would become the first Indian to win at Melbourne Park and the fourth to bag the boys’ Grand Slam title.Incredible it may seem, but he didn’t know how long a post-match ceremony takes to get over after a final. He missed his flight.”The post-match interviews and dope-tests held us back. It was only after we checked out from the hotel did we realise we had missed the flight,” chuckled Yuki while talking to HT from Melbourne.”But no complaints. I have the trophy.
” With two sisters already playing tennis, it did not take Yuki too long to join the same academy run by the same coach – Aditya Sachdeva. “I have been working with him for many years now.We have hit the nail today,” said the coach who accompanied his ward to the tournament. With a cool head, like his name (Yuki means snowflake in Japanese), he has grown up the ranks to the top of junior tennis.His mother Indu, who chose the name, thinks her son is as special his name. “When he plays he is extremely cool.I am glad he has lived up to his name,” she adds. With the victory still to sink in, Yuki said his dream had finally come true after beating Germany’s Alexandros-Ferdinandos Georgoudas 6-3, 6-1 in just 57 minutes.”After losing in the semis last year, I was confident of doing better. As a player it’s easier to dream of winning a Grand Slam but to actually win on court on such a big stage is difficult yet very special.

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ipl_schedule2The much awaited season 2 of ipl is starting from April this year.The auction for the ipl is going to be conducted in Goa on feb 6.Hype is being created for the players such as KP,Flintoff and Duminy.Sources say KP’s worth for IPL is 1.35 million dollars and he is rated to be the next while Dhoni leads this.Flintoff is likely to be moved to chennai super kings while KP is for Banglore.Mr.mally is very keen in getting KP for his team.While Duminy said to move to deccan chargers or rajasthan royals.So keep your fingers cross anything can happen in this IPL.

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Nagesh Died

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The Tamil film industry’s longstanding comedian and character artist Nagesh died following a heart attack here on Saturday morning.
The veteran of more than 500 films was 76 and is survived by three sons, including actor Anand Babu. Known only by his screen name Nagesh, he was born Gunddu Rao to Kannadiga parents in 1933. He left home as a youngster, determined to return only when he made a name for himself, according to film industry sources. His destination was Chennai, where initially he took up a job with the Railways. However, he felt — it turned out right in retrospect — that he had not met his calling yet. Theatre, or acting, was to be his first and final love, and the first steps, as is common in the Tamil film industry, were on stage.Be it the poverty-stricken Dharumi in Thiruvilayadal, Server Sundaram, the intrepid storyteller/film director in Kadhalikka Neramillai, or Vaithy in Thillana Mohanambal, Nagesh gave Tamil cinema some of its memorable vintage comedy scenes. Along with legendary directors of the era, K. Balachander and Sridhar, Nagesh ruled the roost in comedy on screen during the 1960s and 1970s. His career spanned several decades, across successive generations of heroes and directors. While there is no doubt about his contribution to comedy, his fans recall his ability to play serious roles evocatively, as in Neer Kumuzhi and Ethir Neechal.

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Dev D songs download

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Dev d is a new story of dev das.The movie is starting with Abhay Deol



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Luck by Chance

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luckbychanceMore images>>

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Michael Jackson sued

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The director of the influential music video Thriller has sued pop star Michael Jackson over his share of profits from the 14-minute work.Filmmaker John Landis, who co-wrote and directed the 1983 Thriller video, filed a breach of contract lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court just days before Broadway producers announced this week they had bought the rights to adapt the video for the stage.The 14-minute Thriller video, featuring dancing zombies and Jackson himself, was first aired in 1983 and remains one of the most influential music videos worldwide.Landis also made a documentary about the making of the Thriller video.Landis, director of movies including An American Werewolf in London and The Blues Brothers, said in his lawsuit that he had not received his 50 per cent share of the profits from Thriller — including licensing rights — for at least the past four years from Jackson’s now-defunct company Optimum Productions.The lawsuit accuses Jackson, 50, of “fraudulent, malicious and oppressive conduct”, claiming that Jackson had failed to produce full and proper accounts for the past four years “and earlier”.Jackson has led a low-profile life since his acquittal in 2005 of child sex abuse charges and his spokesman could not immediately be contacted for comment on the January 21 lawsuit.He is currently living in luxury rented accommodation in Los Angeles after spending time in Las Vegas, Ireland and Dubai in the past three years.

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Superstar Shah Rukh Khan will have to undergo surgery in the next couple of days to rectify the tear on his left shoulder.Sources close to the actor said that the shoulder injury had worsened during the shooting of Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan in Los Angeles.The superstar who had undergone a major shoulder surgery a couple of years ago, had hurt himself while shooting for an action scene in Dulha Mil Gaya last year.He was undergoing physiotheraphy sessions before leaving for the US. Despite being advised surgery before he left, SRK postponed it because he did not want to delay Johar’s shooting.Sources said the injury had worsened during the shoot and when the actor returned home yesterday, the pain had aggravated.He has not yet decided whether to go for the surgery in India or abroad and when. His home production Biloo Barber releases on February 13 and Khan wants to promote the film aggressively, they said.Sources said he wanted to go in for a surgery after the release. But, doctors have advised him to do it immediately.

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The “Davos Today” show featuring live interviews with Andrei Kostin of VTB Bank, John Studzinski of Blackstone and a host of business and political leaders discussing the future of banking and regulation and global security.The Russian and Chinese prime ministers called for cooperation not isolation during the global recession at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The next two years will be tough and one way of coming through them in better shape will be to keep investing, said BT CEO Ian Livingston.Despite organisations cutting travel budgets and reigning in spending, it seems the World Economic Forum is still drawing large numbersAt an altitude of fifteen-hundred metres, Davos is a mecca for winter sports and tourism is a major source of income, along with the World Economic Forum. With business and consumer confidence fading, the prospects for the global economy appear the worst in a generation. Amid the gathering gloom, are things really that bad? Reuters asked delegates at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos for their views. “This is the first globally synchronized recession and there are very few places to hide as the forces of recoupling shatter the myth of decoupling: first markets and then real economies have become almost perfectly correlated.

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Fuel prices to be declined soon

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Petroleum prices to be reduced sooner as a fact that wil bring down the inflation futher.With international crude prices continuing to drop, there is speculation that government may slash petrol prices by Rs 5 per litre.The Congress president said that the rail coach factory will be a milestone in the development of UP and it would provide employment opportunities to 8,000-10,000 people.Assuring that the factory would be eco-friendly, she said, “All required measures will be taken to make the unit pollution free. It will be a world-class modern unit and people would not feel any environmental changes once the factory is set up”.The Centre launched schemes and projects keeping in mind all sections of society, she said. “As our main focus is on development, we bring new schemes and projects. This will not only contribute in the development of UP, but the country as a whole,” she said.

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Sania Bhupathi move to semis

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Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupathi rallied to beat Canadians Aleksandra Wozniak and Daniel Nestor to seal a semifinal berth in the mixed doubles event of the Australian Open here on Wednesday.The unseeded Indian pair overcame a first-set lapse to carve out a 3-6 6-4 10-5 win in one hour and 15 minutes.Among the juniors, top seed Yuki Bhambri extended his winning run to quarterfinals after defeating 13th seed Croat Dino Marcan 6-3 6-1 in the pre-quarterfinals of the boys singles competition.Sania and Bhupathi, the runners-up here last year, dropped their serve twice in the first set and wasted one break point to hand the opener to their opponents.In the next set, they missed chances aplenty but were successful in converting three breakpoints out of the seven to make it one set all.In the super-tie breaker, the Indians held their nerves to emerge winners.They next face the Czech pair of Iveta Benesova and Lukas Dlouhy.

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monster website has been hacked

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A statement on said: “We recently learned our database was illegally accessed and certain contact and account data were taken, including Monster user IDs and passwords, email addresses, names, phone numbers, and some basic demographic data.”
The breach did not access resumes, social security numbers or financial data, Monster said. The company advised clients to change their password and said it had taken its own “corrective steps.” Hackers could use email addresses to “phish” for further information, the company warned. This is the second serious data breach at the company in 18 months, according to computer Weekly magazine. Earlier this month, payments processor Heartland Payment Systems, based in New Jersey, said that it had suffered a security breach in 2008. “We found evidence of an intrusion last week and immediately notified federal law enforcement officials as well as the card brands,” said Robert Baldwin, Heartland’s president in a statement on January 20.

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India Srilanka series

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Dhoni has said playing down the threat from the new spin sensation of Sri Lanka Ajantha Mendis the team is not vary of playing him.Even Dhoni said it is tough to beat Sri Lanka on Srilanka.Asked how his team was going to face Mendis, who ran though their batting order in the Test series here last year, Dhoni said they had a measure of the spinner during the subsequent ODI series, which India won.He said we did well with him in the one dayers,although the team was missing Harbhajan Singh, the senior member of the team’s spin department, it has given a golden opportunity for the upcoming youngsters to perform and prove their talents.

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Sri Lankan President invites

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Sri lanka president has welcomed Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha to affna peninsula and  personally appeal to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to release the civilians held as “human shield at gunpoint.”He said if                 Mr. Karunanidhi is interested in a ceasefire he can persuade the Tamil Tigers to lay down their arms and announce it publicly so that arms surrender could be worked out in a mutually acceptable way as proposed by Mr. Karunanidhi and the Sri Lanka Government.The President said the number of civilians held by LTTE is around 150-200 thousands.Mr. Rajapaksa said the ‘liberated’ Tamils of the North would be brought back to the democratic mainstream and measures taken to ensure that they lived in Sri Lanka with honour and dignity like other ethnic groups in other parts of the nation.

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Genelia upset

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The JTYJN actress expressed her regret over Asin.She said she was the first to be approached for the movie ghajini even before Asin dint accept.Asin took time to accept for the film,but the film shooting was started with Geneliad in the lead.This was a quite miss for the actress to act with Aamir .

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